Synonym provides techno-economic analysis (TEA) and lifecycle assessment (LCA) tailored for the bioeconomy

Getting a bioproduct to market requires making complex technical, financial and operational decisions. Create your free TEA below or work with Synonym on a customized TEA to guide you on your commercialization journey.

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Arturo Elizondo

CEO, The EVERY Company

"Synonym's insights helped us define our production scale-up strategy. Their COGS calculations gave us a clear view into what our price curve could look like as we scale."

Anne Palermo

CEO & Co-Founder, Aqua Cultured Foods

"By providing startups with a way to effectively value the feasibility of their technology and de-risk the scalability, Synonym Bio's Scaler tool is a major disrupter in the life sciences/biotech space. The result is a high-value, TEA model that effectively communicates a startup's economic viability."

Friederike Grosse-Holz

Director, Blue Horizon

"It’s already pretty awesome and this could really change the conversation around the biomanufacturing industry! It’s so useful to have a quick tool to put numbers around intuitions and understand what needs to change to get to target COGS."

Curious how it works?


Get Started

Answer 10 initial questions to start building your base model.

The initial questions cover fermentation and commercial basics including:

  • Product Attributes
  • Process Specifics
  • Capacity Goals
  • Pricing Details


Generate Your Report

Produce your first report based on the initial 10 questions.

Your report provides a breakdown of factors impacting unit economics including:

  • Facility CapEx
  • Ongoing OpEx (COGS)
  • Financing Costs
  • Carbon Emissions


Customize Your Results

Work with Synonym experts to generate a more customized report.

Multiply your learnings with a customized model based on your detailed process, including:

  • Fermentation Parameters
  • Feedstock, Media and Consumables
  • Downstream Processing
  • Economic and Financing Assumptions

Make smarter decisions and understand the metrics that impact your ability to scale.

Harness the power of an accessible, purpose-built techno-economic analysis.

Techno-economic analyses (TEAs) provide a systematic and rigorous evaluation of the economic viability of a technology. TEAs are key resources that help businesses inform decision making to maximize upside and minimize potential costs and risks. Despite their importance, robust TEAs remain out of reach for many companies because they require specialized expertise and are costly to build.

Scaler is a free techno-economic modeling tool designed specifically for the bioeconomy. It can simulate the economic performance of many fermentation processes in industrial scale settings and help you build a realistic commercialization roadmap. Dig deeper with a customized TEA from the Synonym Team to gain further insights into your manufacutring costs and strategy.

Have questions?

What is Scaler™?

Scaler™ is a techno-economic analysis (TEA) and lifecycle assessment (LCA) tool designed specifically for the bioeconomy. It can simulate the economic performance of any fermentation process in industrial scale settings.

Who should use Scaler™?

Scaler™ is for everyone! Whether you’re a startup developing a new bioproduct, a Fortune 1000 company buying a bioproduct, or a venture capital firm considering an investment in a synbio company, Scaler can help you understand the economic and environmental impact of your decisions.

Does it cost money to run a Scaler TEA?

No — The Base Scaler TEA is free to use with up to 10 runs per day allowed per user. Synonym experts can help customize the TEA to provide even more detailed results specific to your use case (reach out to us to learn more)

Why are techno-economic analyses (TEAs) important?

TEAs provide a systematic and rigorous evaluation of the economic viability of a technology, and inform decision-making to maximize upside and minimize potential costs and risks.

Why are lifecycle assessments (LCAs) important?

LCAs enable users to better understand and optimize their bioproduct’s carbon footprint. The rapid adoption of bioproducts will be an essential part of the world’s decarbonized future and companies will be increasingly called to account for their supply chain emissions. LCAs allow users to assess a product’s environmental impact and offer improvement strategies to help steer companies towards making greener business decisions.

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